5 of the biggest 2019 food trends

With under two weeks until Christmas, we’re all starting to think about what 2019 food trends will look like.

Anyone working in the sector will know that predicting and anticipating food trends that are more than just a passing fad and have longevity is a constant activity. Our job is to work with our customer’s to help them serve up tasty dishes to their customers that are 100% on trend and what people want to be eating. We have to accurately predict the wants and needs of taste buds today, next week and next year. The production is really just a small part of the work that all of us do in the sector.

In reality, we’ve been working on 2019 recipe and dish ideas for many months now. It will soon be Easter after all!

We’ve been busy observing the market this year, researching lots and talking with our customers. This is our roundup of the food and eating out trends we’ll be watching in 2019.

1. No surprises here…Veganism, vegetarianism & flexitarians diets continue to gain momentum

More people than ever are adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle. According to market researchers Mintel, The UK market for meat-free foods was reportedly worth £572m in 2017, up from £539m only two years earlier. Interest in vegetarian and vegan products shows no sign of slowing down, retail sales are expected to increase to £658m by 2021. This will be further reflected in eating out too. Anecdotally we’re seeing this strongly, this year we’ve seen a surge in vegan and free from NPD requests.

2. Faux meat

Again, unsurprising and a clear response to the increase in vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets – we’re seeing a lot more fake meat in the marketplace. The key ingredient in 2019 is predicted to mushroom. The texture makes a great stand-in for meat.

This year we began supplying a major new brand with a plant-based meat substitute. Sales are strong and show no signs of slowing down. During the summer of 2018, we also saw vegan steaks and bleeding burgers enter the supermarket shelves. Fake meat is tipped to become even more mainstream in 2019.

Plant-based foods continue to gain market share as more consumers opt to reduce dairy and meat intake for part of the week. According to research conducted by Mintel, 31% of consumers participated in meat-free days once per week,

3. Transparency and trust is key on menus and products

Consumers are demanding full disclosure when it comes to what they’re eating. We want to know what the impact of the food we’re consuming has on our health and the world around us. There is a particular interest in environmental factors in terms of raw materials such as palm oil. Frozen food supplier Iceland highlight this is in their recent #NoPalmOilforChristmas marketing campaign which was banned for breaching advertising rules. An even stronger demand for clarity of ingredients in relation to allergy and nutrition is also a key theme across the food and drink sector. Producers that offer 100% transparency will be the marketplace winners during 2019 and beyond.

4. Bitter flavour profiles

Move over sweet and salty, there’s something darker and more complex around the corner. Bitter flavour profiles are set to have their moment to shine in 2019. We’re already seeing more interest in darker flavours. Think along the lines of dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, black coffee and char-grilled foods (meat and vegetable based).

5. Ice cream reinvented

Ice cream is a traditional dessert in the U.K, it has never really gone out of fashion. The hot summer this year boosted ice cream sales across the U.K and paved the way for somewhat of a renaissance. 2019 looks set to be the year of unique and interesting ice cream flavours. Savoury swirls or cheese is tipped to be a trend as are coconut water bases to meet the growth of the vegan market. We’re not sure about cheese ice cream but we look forward to trying it!

Other rising food trends –

Look out for nods towards these trends too.

Tea is making a come back after a focus on coffee.
Alternative sources of protein, in the form of insects…
Root vegetables are tipped to be more prominently featured on menus, as are beans and legumes.
An extension of the fermented food trend is predicted, look out for – chocolate, beer, cheese and vegetables.

We’d love to hear what you think 2019’s biggest food trends will be. Have we missed anything?

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