Meet the Team – Richard Battye

A team meeting at Classic Cuisine in Northampton.

In our latest series of blogs, we’re inviting you to meet the team here at Classic Cusine. We’re shining the spotlight on the people behind the delicious dishes and innovative recipes we create.

Meet the Team – Richard

Richard Battye, Sales Manager at Classic Cuisine.

Today we caught up with Sales Manager Richard Battye, to talk about all things food, what inspires him and his food heroes.

Interviewer: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Richard, how long have you worked at Classic Cuisine?

Richard: I’ve been working at Classic Cuisine for ten years. My background is in the foodservice industry working in national sales and account management roles.

Interviewer: The foodservice industry is fast-paced and has to move quickly to keep up with food trends and the changing tastes of customers.

Interviewer: What’s your biggest source of inspiration for new dish ideas?

Richard: Our customers are my biggest source of inspiration. Seeing them excited about the prospect of something new on the menu is really the best inspiration. It pushes us to keep challenging and being innovative.

Interviewer: Do you have a food hero?

Richard: I absolutely love seafood so Rick Stein is a real favourite, I also like the relaxed style of his T.V programmes and down to earth approach to food. In terms of the fun-factor, nobody can rival the late Keith Floyd though, what a character!

Interviewer: What do you think the biggest issue the foodservice sector currently faces/will face in the future?

Richard: It will have to be the demise of the high street, it’s changing the way the people dine outside the home. Less footfall in town centres and high streets inevitably means that restaurants and eateries will suffer. The uncertainty surrounding Brexit is also causing a lack of confidence but that, of course, isn’t an issue that’s exclusive to the foodservice sector.

Interviewer: You have one last meal on earth, what do you choose?

Richard: Haha, that’s a tough one! OK, here goes – to start with I’d go for something classic like a king prawn cocktail. The main course would be a roast leg of lamb dinner (cooked by myself & a whole leg of lamb). Dessert would be a crème brulee or cheese & biscuits. Can I have four courses…?

Interviewer: Sure, why not! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Richard.

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