Gluten free savoury dishes

Offering a range of delicious gluten free savoury dishes is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity to ensure menus are balanced and accessible.

Gluten is found in many cereal grains and avoiding it is crucial for people with gluten intolerance, wheat allergy or celiac disease.

While many ingredients are naturally gluten free, there is an increasing range of specialist gluten free ingredients – like gluten free flour –  which can be used as substitutes, when recreating well known dishes.

With the demand for allergen-free options growing, we are continually creating more delicious allergen-free options for kitchens and customers. For gluten free savoury dishes, we have experimented to find the best free from ingredients to ensure dishes taste wonderful and are safe for gluten-free diners.

 Some of our favourite gluten-free savoury dishes

  • Falafel lasagne – made with cumin and paprika spiced butternut squash, red pepper and chickpeas in tomato sauce, layers between gluten free lasagne sheets and topped with creamy bechamel sauce and cumin seeds.
  • Kale pastry with Butler’s sauce and white onion compote – a creamy Bulter’s secret mature cheddar sauce with caramelised white onion compote encased in gluten free kale pastry.
  • Gluten free brie and red onion marmalade tart- this dish is coated in a cheddar cheese, chive and red onion or polenta pastry and filled with a creamy brie sauce and sweet red onion marmalade.