What to watch in the food industry

Tastes are always changing. Evolving just as fast is the range of ingredients available and expertise in the food industry 

As food innovators, we spend all day working on developing the best new dishes for the kitchens across the country, so we’re always keeping up to speed on the latest developments in the sector. Here are some of the key trends to watch as we head towards 2023.

Takeaway revenues  

91% of restaurants expected to earn an income from takeaways in 2022. Lockdowns changed the way we eat, with many people now choosing to skip both the cooking and the journey out by choosing takeaway options. Household spending on takeaways is now £10.6 billion and we’re seeing more and more restaurants incorporating delivery models. The key is to think about how this offering works alongside your dining-in kitchen and where you can simplify or streamline to make things easier and more effective for your team. 

Experiential dining

When they do go out, customers are looking for the wow factor in both taste and appearance. With reduced overseas travel over the last few years set to continue due to cost of living, the trend of edible escapism is also thriving. This means an appetite for more overseas flavours and international cuisine into day-to-day dining.

Cost of living

Rising cost-of-living, availability of ingredients and supply chain issues are key issues for the food industry. They require carefully planning and navigation to ensure both sensitivity to customers, and commercial viability. Despite this, we are still seeing sustained interest with new briefs and requests for innovation from our customers. While it’s important to understand the pressures consumers are facing, many are still keen to enjoy high quality, carefully prepared and delicious meals.

Plant based cooking

Plant based dishes are nothing new, and we’re now moving to a time where consumers are looking for interesting flavours, local ingredients and the best taste and texture. The massive growth in the market means more options – take milk alternatives for example – where choices are ever increasing. This means it’s possible to weigh up cost, taste, texture and environmental impact when choosing a plant-based ingredient. Expect consumers to continue getting more discerning when it comes to plant based cooking, and make sure your menus meet their needs.