Chocolate with morals – Cocoa Horizons

For this blog post, Sophie Tubb, Development Chef at Classic Cuisine, tells us about her recent research day away from the development kitchen.

Working in the foodservice industry, I often find myself wondering about the providence of produce. In general terms, society as a whole is more interested in and concerned with how ethical our food supply chains are and how the food we eat and cook with effects the environment and people living in it.

I recently attended a chocolatier event at  Barry Callebaut. For those of you that aren’t familiar with them, Barry Callebaut is among the world’s largest cocoa producers and grinders. We spent the day discussing current trends and watching demonstrations – my idea of heaven!
Have you heard of the Cocoa Horizons Foundation? One of the presentations that stood out was about a charity set-up by Barry Callebaut the – Cocoa Horizons Foundation. In short, Barry Callebaut sells chocolate with a premium, which then goes (in full) to the cocoa horizons foundation to support sustainability.
Their mission is to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities by focusing on three key areas:


community development and looking after cocoa farmers, ensuring that cocoa farmers are living above the poverty line, and providing skills, education, and accreditation. This also focuses on child labour issues by raising awareness and encouraging schooling for children.


This also focuses on education and child labour awareness but also includes involvement and equal opportunities for women.


“The cocoa horizons foundation is committed to a deforestation-free, carbon positive cocoa supply chain.”

It’s clear that Barry Callebaut is making a lot of positive changes to support the sustainability of the cocoa industry. I’d love to hear about food businesses you work with who are doing similar things.

Sophie Tubb. Development Chef at Classic Cuisine. Contact Sophie. 

For more information on the Barry Callebaut Cocoa Horizons charity – click here