Gluten free desserts

We love creating delicious gluten free desserts that look and taste great. As part of our made without range, we offer a variety of savory and sweet dishes that suit a range of dietary requirements.

A key consideration for gluten free desserts is replacing wheat flour in pies, cakes and tarts. Thanks to a growing range of gluten-free alternatives we can do this easily with either specialist free-from flour, or swapping in other ingredients like ground almonds or coconut. 

Gluten-free cooking is an opportunity to try naturally gluten free dishes, like mousses, pavlovas and meringue based desserts. With creative cooking, there is no reason not to enjoy a gluten free pudding as much as any other.

Some of our best loved gluten free desserts include: 

Lemon meringue pie – a tangy lemon curd sits between sweet meringue and a gluten free tart base. 

Apple crumble pie – classic apple filling topped with gluten free crumble.

Chocolate olive cake –  a very moist light cake made with olive oil and high quality chocolate

Billionaire cheesecake – a delicious lotus cheesecake with indulgent chocolate, caramel and gluten free biscuit pieces 

Vegan Bakewell tart – everything you love about the classic dessert, without the gluten; shortcrust pastry, strawberry jam and frangipane filling.