Vegan desserts

We love creating delicious vegan desserts. Just because vegan desserts are free from eggs, milk and other animal products doesn’t mean they are any less mouth-watering than our other pudding options.

Creating the perfect vegan dessert does come with some specific requirements – despite an ever-growing range, there are some limitations of ingredients for vegan dishes. We work to source the right ingredients for every dish, which may mean getting innovative in the kitchen to make sure we have the perfect recipe.

Some vegan alternatives can have slightly different month feel, colour or texture, and we also have to consider how individual ingredients cook, freeze and travel. This is where our development team come in, who get to work thinking about how to put dishes together and then trailing and testing to refine the best possible vegan dessert for any brief.

Our vegan desserts are designed to be enjoyed by anyone, whether they have a dietary requirement or not. While we now have access to many great vegan replacements for ingredients like egg, cream cheese and milk, many of our popular sweet vegan options work just as well without. Our chocolate and coconut torte for example uses a nut and date base, with dark chocolate and coconut milk filling.

With a diverse range of vegan dessert options, including cheesecakes, tarts and brownies we can help you create delicious vegan dessert options that perfectly finish a menu and a meal.