Vegan savoury dishes

Plant based diets have never been more popular; up to 29% people in the UK are now either vegetarian, vegan or pescetarian, flexitarian or mostly plant based. Vegan dishes, free from meat, dairy and all animal based ingredients are a delicious alternative for these diners and many more. 

When creating vegan savoury dishes, we like to make vegetables the star of the show. From hearty sweet potatoes to spiced cauliflower, flavoursome peppers to beautiful butternut squash, meat free dishes needn’t be free from taste, texture, flavour and delight.

We pair our vegetables with plant based protein like chickpeas and lentils, or a growing range of free-from dairy and meat alternatives  to create perfectly balanced dishes. Dreamt up by our innovative development kitchen, these vegan savoury dishes will leave customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Some of our favourite vegan savoury dishes include:

  • Cajun roulade – a vegan and gluten free roulade, with sweet potato savoury sponge seasoned with cajun and smoked paprika, a tabasco red pepper chutney filling and vegan soft cheese.
  • Cauliflower dhansak – a flavourful vegan cauliflower dhansak curry, with butternut, coconut and garlic.
  • Vegan wellington slice – puff pastry round, stuffed with sweet potato, cherry tomatoes and carrots, parsley studded with walnuts and a centre of smokey red pepper chutney.
  • Vegan sweet potato jerk – thick and dark jerk sauce, flavoured with cayenne pepper, allspice and coriander, filled with roasted sweet potato dice.
  • Moroccan roulade – made with minced cauliflower and flavoured with paprika, cumin and coriander, rolled with a spiced pepper and chickpea chutney in the centre.
  • Vegan Cottage Pie – filled with root vegetables and green lentils, topped with roasted skin on new potatoes and chives.

If you’d like to try any of our vegan dishes, or discuss a new savoury dish for your menu, get in touch.